About Karmalert

What is Karmalert

What is Karmalert?

We provide a simple solution to get alerts whenever your name or brand (or whatever search phrase you have defined) is mention on
Reddit Hacker News Twitter Product Hunt

We scan these platforms continuously and provide notifications with
Email Slack or Webhook

How does it help my business

How does it help my business?

Get a notification whenever someone mentions your URL or brand and jump in and make sure that the customer gets the help he needs.

Don't miss any feedback, critique or questions on some of the most important platforms in the startup & internet sphere.

Monitor keywords, competitors, user name mentions, or even if someone mentions your personal name somewhere.

Result Quality

Result Quality

The quality of your results solely depends on how specific your keyword is. We search for full matches, if you use popular words your will end up with a lot of random results.

The idea is the use specific keywords, as your domain, or business name, a username, private name and things like this.



We build completely on Stripe as payment provider and currently only support Credit Card payments.

Stripe provides us with the security relevant data exchange to their high standard network, we do not keep any payment details saved on our servers.

Karmalert Limits

Karmalert Limits

Each platform has individual limits and we bundle our resources to provide you the intervals as described in your subscription package.

We need additional rights for Twitter & Tumblr because they don't allow us to query as much as we need to. If you authenticate with Twitter we can search on your means and don't hit any limits. We also will never post anything!

We also have limits on finding old posts when you create new campaigns. Twitter only let us see 7 days back, and Product Hunt only up to a month. Reddit and Hacker News looks up to 3 years back.

Karmalert Limits

Build & Hosted in Switzerland

Karmalert is build and hosted in Switzerland. Additionally we use Cloudflare to provide fast worldwide interaction.

The servers are located in a cloud environment in Z├╝rich, Switzerland

Karmalert Limits

Using the Webhook

Webhooks enable you to integrate karmalert to wherever you need it. Our system will send a request containing the mention to every new mention it finds.

The following is a basic example integration with Sinatra:
#!/usr/bin/env ruby

require 'sinatra'
require 'json'

post '/hook' do
  mention = JSON.parse(request.body.read)
  # ...

  content_type :json
  {ok: true}.to_json